شنبه، 10 خرداد 1399 / 2020 May 30
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Message of Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic, to the Elected Experts

Message of Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic, to the Elected Experts

In the Name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the Most Merciful

With the help of God (swt) and ssupport of the Great Friend of God (may our souls be sacrificed at his feet), according to the article 107 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic, the blessed Assembly of Experts, the members of which have been elected out of famous Ulama (may they live long) by the votes of the great nation of Iran, was inaugurated to choose the leader or members of a leadership council.
[It is] an assembly which plays a key role in survival of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its authorization; an assembly on which those who love Islam and the Islamic Republic have pinned their hopes while its enemies have kept their eyes glued to it. The former hope that their elected representatives, who are devoted Islamic scholars and aware about the wrong and the right, would elect the most qualified, knowledgeable and devoted jurisprudent (faqih) or jurisprudents (foqaha) for this position, on which protection of the Islamic Republic and its proper direction according to the pure religion depends, and they [hope their representatives] believe in God’s omnipresence and His supervision on their votes, acts and states and they would prioritize God’s contentment over their own or others’. While the latter thirst for making troubles, God (swt) forbids, using their agents and deviate the Islamic system even in the distant future.  
We know that world powers and their dependent governments never oppose imperialistic Islam, but rather, undoubtedly, they approve it. And they would support the kind of Islam presented by their evil agents and ignorant ones who pretend to be Islamic scholars or an Islam in which Islamic scholars and Muslims are not allowed to attend to Muslim’s political and social affairs, or diagnose Muslim’s problems. They would approve the Islam in which the clear judgment of the intellect compatible with the Qur’an is ignored, the hadith saying “the channel for fulfillment of affairs is in the hand of the knowledgeable about God”  is considered weak, and the great hadith saying “…in the upcoming events, refer to those who deliver our hadiths” and similar hadiths are considered groundless or interpreted wrongly. They would sought that such clergy-looking courtiers [who interpret so] and political losers who are ignorant of devils’ conspiracies tie up hands of committed religious scholars and awakened Muslims and pave the way for imperialists to plunder and subjugate them. How would they at all fear an Islam which approve them? They actually fear the Islam of Ali (a). If that devout martyr of Islam and true knower of Islam would think like such clergy-looking people and went to solitude and worshipped God and did not change his way between his house and the mosque, neither of  Siffayn, Nahrawan or Jamal battles would ever happen, nor Muslims would be massacred and martyred; and if the Master of Martyrs, Imam Husayn (a) thought like those people and prayed near his grandfather’s (s) grave, then the great tragedy of Karbala would never happen and great friends of God would not be slaughtered, People of God would not be captured, and above all, if the noble Messenger of God (s) thought like those people and only advised and explained the rulings about worship and such, he (s) would not suffer that much and not so many Muslims would ever be martyred. And among contemporary Islamic scholars, if the late grand Ayatollah Agha Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi who was in such a high position and was so God-wary and knowledgeable, would think like those people, then no war would ever happen between Muslims and the violating British people and not so many Muslims would ever be martyred to ensure Iraq’s independence.
The USSR, the US and Israel will surly support those so-called Islamic governments which are fully at the service of superpowers, especially America and serve their interests in the world. They would indeed support those courtier clergymen ignorant of God who approve such governments, oppose a [truly] Islamic government, try to destroy an Islam which stands against the oppressors of the conduct of the Prophet (s) and support a royal type of Islam which deprives committed Muslims who protest against the oppressions of America and Israel.
Now, O Islamic jurists of the Assembly of Experts! O the chosen by the nation suppressed during Shah’s government! You have accepted a responsibility which is more important than all responsibilities; and you have begun something which makes the destiny of Islam and the suffered nation who have offered martyrs. History and future generations will judge you and great friends of God see your views and actions: “and Allah besieges them from all around.” (85:20) Slightest negligence or exercise of personal opinions or, God forbids, following one’s carnal desires, which might deviate your deeds, would bring about the biggest tragedy of history. If the very precious Islam and the young Islamic republic are gone astray and get damaged and fail, God forbids, Islam will be forgotten for centuries and will be replaced by royal Islam.
You, the chosen by the oppressed, know that the plunderer superpowers and their dependants felt the nature of Islam and its divine power when their hands were cut off from your Islamic country and they have lurked like a wounded viper waiting to deviate this godly system from its true path themselves or by means of their unbeliever followers and [you must know that] worst deviation which leads to deviation of other principles is the deviation of leadership which you play the leading role of today.
You saw how much oppositions were made with the fifth article of the constitutional law and what a disorder they made, yet were unsuccessful to accomplish their mission and lately they also oppose the appointment of the Experts and poisoned the atmosphere, however, thanks to God, they failed. And now today, you should not be ignorant about the tricks of the conjurers and sneaky tempters! Continue your way in the power of Divine and through commitment to the great Islam and using power of spirituality and faith and mind nothing but the benefits of Islam and Muslims! And doing so, God the Almighty will be your support and refuge.
I must offer a brotherly and sincere advice to the respected future leader or leadership council. In divine religions and in Islam, leader and leadership are not of having value in themselves to lead a person, God forbid, to arrogance and self-importance. That is what our master, Ali ibn Abi Talib (a) warned about.
The Prophets (s) were fundamentally sent to serve the servants of God with spiritual and guiding services and to bring humanity out of darkness into light and to serve the oppressed and suppressed and to establish individual and social justice. You know themselves the followers of the companions of revelation and great friends of God, and praise be to God, you are; thus do not consider yourselves other than servants of oppressed nations; and you should know that villains and the wicked, more than everyone, have fixed their eyes on you and God forbids, would team up with deviant infiltrators in your offices who would absolutely look Islamic and supporting revolution and bring about disasters and deviate the system by doing a deviating action and damage Islam and the Islamic Republic using your hands.
Consider God! Consider God in choosing your companions!
Consider God and do not hurry in making decision, especially about crucial matters!
You must know, and you actually know that human being is not immune from making mistakes. As soon as you realize your mistake, turn away from it and admit it which shows human perfection, since justifying and insisting on error is imperfection and is an inspiration of Satan.
In crucial matters, consult with professionals and act cautiously!
I have written about some issues in 30 pages as my will and trust the blessed Assembly of Expert with a copy of it which you may make it public after my death.
I humbly implore the Almighty God to promote the glory of the great Islam! And to give Islamic nations the opportunity to achieve unity in order to protect the entity of Islam and Islamic countries! And to bless us with the special attention of Imam Mahdi (aj), may Allah hasten his blessed coming and may my soul be sacrificed before his feet!

And greetings be upon righteous servants of Allah